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New VP Brings Social Flair to Business Networking In Denver

Posted on February 18, 2011 at 9:05 AM

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303Network Addition Gives Denver Professionals More Ways To Connect Effectively With Style.


DENVER, CO--(February 18, 2011) - 303Network today announced that it has welcomed Jason Witkes, University Of Denver (DU) graduate and social networking expert, as the new Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Jason Witkes (www.jasonwitkes.com) is a marketing adviser and strategic planner with a proven track record in corporate identity development, comprehensive branding and tactical strategies. Jason has worked in a variety of categories with a specialized focus in event management, including developing and coordinating innovative events that expand market image and build market visibility.

“I originally noticed Jason at a 303Network Happy Hour because of his charismatic personality,” said Rebekah Welch, owner and President of 303Network.  “After spending time learning about his experience and vision, there was no hesitation in my decision to bring him aboard.  I am ecstatic to work with him and look forward to the excitement and opportunities his marketing style will bring to our members.”

303Network Happy Hour events provide a casual atmosphere for sales professionals to interact with like-minded individuals and create business opportunities. By integrating elements of Denver's notably trendy social scene, 303Network will deliver a clear advantage to sales professionals who want to identify their best prospects and find an "in" with Denver's growing  young executive career community.


"303Network's Happy Hour is ultimately becoming the barometer of what's new and hip in the Denver business scene," said Welch. "Even in this struggling economy, 303Network  still continues to bring hundreds of professionals together for networking every month. We offer a 'can't miss' event."


By showcasing their businesses to the attendees, members are able to engage guests in how effective  their services are. Not only are guests able to familiarize themselves with the high caliber of businesses participating, they consistently form immediate alliances.  With the addition of the strategic partnerships in the fashion, talent, and lifestyle industries Jason Witkes brings, members will enjoy even greater opportunities to connect with the consumer market.


The 303Network Happy Hour provides an excellent opportunity for professionals to find leads and introductions, without feeling hesitant and uneasy.  Everyone is there to socialize and make connections with no pretense.


For event registration information, please visit www.303NetworkDenver.com



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